Every company looks forward to increased productivity and upheld targets at the start of every financial year. Every team leader thinks of achieving higher target each time the group goals are set. “Smart meetings” is a concept of channelising actions by certain activities which directs to achieving those goals.

Benefits of not just having meetings, but “Smart Meetings”:

  • Increase collaboration
  • Resolve critical business issues
  • Spark creativity
  • Spread collaboration
  • Improve continuously

Guess what?

Your teammates will not even figure out what these activities were even aiming at. Investing in smart meetings reeps the benefits all year round in terms of a healthy work-space environment and increased productivity!

Let’s look at how we can invest in “Smart Meetings!”

Customised Workshops

The focus of these workshops is in areas of leadership skills, working in

teams (team building, team psychometric), people management skills,

and more. People of a group who are finding it hard to work together are put under a different location outside of the office premises and are pushed into doing team tasks, commonly known as ‘Team Building Activities”. This helps to encounter the formal fidgets informally.

Future Leaders’ Programme

A team that is achieving all the given targets well on time, whereas the team leader believes that these limits can be pushed deeper. How do you make that influence on the teammates that a higher target which they believe is impossible to achieve as a piece of cake! Well that’s where the Smart Meetings’ Future Leaders programme comes into practice. Intense Core activities like Crushed glass walk, Fire coal walk, Ice walk are conducted to prove them that things which you feel were completely impossible can be doable.

Espresso Learning Sessions

“Do Less, More”

Bite sized, sessions, once a month. Budget meetings, Goal-setting brief ups.

  • Fun-engaging sessions and colourful sessions, you won’t forget your new skills.
  • Time friendly sessions of about 75-90 minutes each.
  • Brain friendly methods to help learning instantly
  • Small groups

Just as an ordinary phone is capable of doing the job right, but a smartphone does its job smartly!

A SMART meeting has a purpose that is worthy of each participant’s time. It engages them in the work of the meeting because it is work worth doing. A leadership team became re energized with their weekly staff meeting when they shifted its purpose from information updates to resolving important issues facing the organization. While weekly updates were useful, they did not provide a forum to engage the considerable talent in the room in addressing the issues that everyone knew needed to be addressed.

The result? Happy work teams and a healthy work environment!

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