Every couple dreams of getting married by the sea-side, amongst the soothing breeze an a great sea-view. Apart from the natural beauty, other factors such as local music bands, Wide range of exotic cuisine, drinking age limit 18! Yes you heard that right!

Since a lot of people wanted to know exactly what to do, how to manage the expenses, where to plan the stay, we’ll be discussing some of the major points here.

‘North Goa’ or ‘South Goa’?

While selecting the wedding venues in Goa, the first question arises as to whether to stay in North Goa or South Goa!

North Goa is much of a touristic place with flea markets, with hippies, clubs, and crowded beaches while south goa is much sort for spot for destination weddings and corporate events.

South Goa provides a number of 5 Star Resorts with beaches attached.

Wedding venues in Goa

Goa hosts a pool of venues to have a beautiful beach wedding. The most sort for are ‘Alila Diwa’, ‘Leela’, ‘Zuri white sands’, ‘Grand Hyatt’, ‘Vivanta by Taj’, ‘Kenilworth Resort & Spa’ most of which are based in South Goa, which is less crowded as compared to North Goa with cleaner beaches, at least the ones attached to the resorts.

These Hotels have huge Inventory of 150 Rooms on an average.

Well this is one major element which can eat up to 50% of total budget if you are paying for everyone’s stay (mostly the case with Indian families), if not you might still be paying up for the stay of close family and relatives.

5* Deluxe Resorts which are top of the line would be at least 15000 + Tax (tax rates differ from Hotel to Hotel but could be anywhere from 5 to 18%) which could possibly include breakfast and Airport transfers by Coaches. You might even get discounts on Spa/Laundry etc as a deal.

5* Resorts (Rooms, services, facilities and quality is 25% compromised than top of line) could be anything from Rs. 9000 + Tax onwards while 4* Resorts which are not many in numbers could range anywhere from Rs. 5000 to 7000 + Taxes

3* Resorts are not located on the beach and could be a walk away, Rs. 4000 to 6000 + Tax is a good price to pay.

Anything below this would be very basic.

Click on this link for complete venue details and approximate costing for stay & dining for 2 days for about 200 people.


Transportation in Goa is expensive as compared with other tourist destinations. For eg., an 8 hr taxi would cost somewhere around Rs. 2000/-

But nevertheless, when in Goa, do as goans do! You are at a destination wedding, all you cousins rent scooties locally. All the elderly people can hire jeeps. Feel the wind blowing through your hair.

What to wear?


Weddings are about heavy gowns and lots of makeup. The latest trend is of the pastel coloures and bohu makeup instead of the loud one.

Floral patterns, pastel coloures is the go-go thing these days.

 Where to go for a bachelor’s night out?

It’s Goa man! The destination of our dreams. We all have been longing to come here since every time life was giving us lemons. Here you can find multiple options to take your cousins/ friends out for the perfect cocktail night!

Some hepped up options are ‘Club Cabana’, ‘LPK-Love Passion Karma’, ‘SinQ Night Club’, ‘Tito’s Bar & Club’, and many more.

Check out the link for complete list options to hop-on!


Goa to be the destination for your wedding, it’s a great choice indeed. Not only the place is beautiful for an auspicious occasion like Wedding but also for all your Guests who might be flying overseas to have a memorable holiday full of “laid back time, seafood, wine and music”.


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